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Automatic Spreadsheet Generation

This form will help to make a spreadsheet file as required above. Fill in the information below as best you can. You can fine-tune the resulting spreadsheet. Each locus must be written exactly as it is listed in the drop down menu below under Spreadsheet Help, keeping in mind that they are case-sensitive.

Items should be separated by commas. Ranges can be given with a hyphen. For example, 55,67-69 translates to 55,67,68,69.

Spreadsheet Help

Each of the cells in your spreadsheet corresponds to a well from your sequencing machine. Each needs to be labeled with your strain name or number, the sequencing type, the locus, and the primer. For each well, fill in the blanks below for help on how to label the corresponding cell in your spreadsheet.

Copy and paste this into your spreadsheet cell: ...
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