Current ST profiles

Sequence Type Table

abcZadk_aroEfumCgdh_pdhCpgm_sdaSTClonal Complex x
13111131ST-1 complex/subgroup I/II x

Input a sequence type (ST), clonal complex (CC), or a set of alleles below. The applicable table row(s) will consequently appear in the above table. There are currently 10899 STs in the local database.
Alternatively, you may view our local database or the PubMLST database.

Input type
  • ST: sequence type
  • CC: clonal complex
  • Alleles: allele numbers separated by spaces or tabs in alphabetical order of the locus names. Enter a 0 (zero) for a blank allele. In this way, it is possible to copy and paste a spreadsheet row quickly.

Don't be frustrated by the instructions! Try it; there is no way you can break it!

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